Black Windows & Doors

by / Wednesday, 07 December 2016 / Published in News

Here at Trent Valley all our coloured windows & doors are foiled with Renoilt EXOFOL, the world’s market leader in window profile foils.

Foiled frames are guaranteed for 10 years along with the rest of your product, the colour will remain through sun, wind, rain and frost. They are available in many solid colours and wood effect decors. They are industrially and permanently bonded to the plastic profile.

We offer a range of 15 colours including black foil. The Renoilt EXOFOL black that we use is a brown black (RAL 8022). This is due to the fact that a pure black colour is more heat absorbent and as such Renoilt are unable to offer their standard 10 year warranty.

We have several example windows & doors available on display in the showroom.

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