Swing and Slide Doors in Nottingham and Derby

Trent Valley are excited to be working with the latest addition to the double glazing market – swing and slide doors. Our swing and slide doors are available to homeowners in Nottingham and Derby, and make a stunning addition to all property types.

These incredible home improvements are a must-have for any homeowner looking for ease of access, style and luxury.

Our New Wave swing and slide doors give the benefits of state of the art technology, superior performance, and ultimate beauty. The New Wave design can be tailored in a number of ways and are a superb choice for any Nottingham and Derby home improvements.

They come in a choice of aluminium or uPVC, depending on your preferences, and are energy efficient, highly secure and completely weatherproof.

Our swing and slide doors come in two options:

Aluminium Swing and Slide Doors

uPVC Swing and Slide Doors

Each one can be tailored to your specifications with a number of panel options, with incredible colour finishes to reflect your personality and blend in with your property’s style.

These doors are very different to traditional sliding doors, and feature concealed hardware for a smooth, streamlined aesthetic.

Our aluminium swing and slide doors come in a superb variety of stylish colours. You can choose from around 200 RAL options to create the perfect match for your home and tastes.

Our uPVC swing and slide doors are available in a collection of traditional and modern finishes, including stunning, authentic timber effects.

Trent Valley swing and slide doors feature the most innovative technology and hardware to provide superb functionality.

They have super slim sightlines to enhance your views and provide the greatest glass area possible. The operating system is precision engineered so that you will enjoy smooth and effortless opening year after year.

Our swing and slide doors are designed to be energy efficient and high performance, giving you outstanding, long term operation.

We fit our swing and slide doors with revolutionary aluminium interlocks, as well as multipoint locking systems to the master sash. These security features are enhanced by the internal beading which eliminates the opportunity for the glazing to be removed from the outside.

Our swing and slide doors are designed to keep your Nottingham or Derby home safe and secure.

Swing and slide doors are a practical home improvement as well as a beautiful one. They can be used for opening up your home to the outdoors, or as a partition within your property.

They are easy to operate, you simply slide one panel at a time, opening any section of the door that you want to, and the hardware is hidden away to create seamless and stylish lines.

Our swing and slide doors in Nottingham and Derby feature patented Magnaline™ slide and stack technology for ultimate performance.

Swing and Slide Door Prices in Nottingham and Derby

Swing and slide door prices from Trent Valley are superb, making these doors the ideal investment for your Nottingham and Derby home improvements.

Get in touch with our expert team for advice and guidance as well as tailored swing and slide door prices.

Swing and Slide Doors

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