Things to consider when buying a conservatory

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Considering a conservatory? Let Trent Valley design a beautiful glazed extension for you

Looking for more space? Our expert gives some pointers on what decisions you need to make. 

There are a number of classic Conservatory options with traditional shapes like P shape, T shape, Victorian, Edwardian and Orangery. Most people opt for a simple rectangular Edwardian style which creates a very useable room space.

All our conservatories are bespoke designed for you so you can pretty much have anything you want.

Things to consider
What do you want to use the conservatory for?

  • If it’s a dining room, often you will be using it to dine in the evening so the conservatory will need to have adequate lighting.
  • If it’s an additional sitting room are you planning on using existing furniture and do you want walls or window sills to dress?

Remember it’s probably more important to get the internal look & feel right as that’s the part you’re looking at when using your new conservatory. You very rarely spend time admiring your conservatory from the garden, although we guarantee a bespoke conservatory design by one of experts will look fabulous inside & out.

Your flooring & heating choices go hand in hand, if you’re thinking about underfloor heating this works best with a tiled floor as they hold the heat better than a carpet or laminate.

Other heating options include free standing or integrated heaters. Remember any extension to your central heating system will trigger building regulation requirements.  

Making your conservatory a useable space year round

One of the most common complaints about old conservatories was that they were only comfortable to use for ½ the year; on sunny days the room becomes far too hot and in the depths of winter it’s far too cold.

With design and technology improvements in recent years we can build a conservatory that is as thermally efficient as a traditional single storey extension.   

Keeping the room warm:

  • Much of the heat loss from a conservatory comes from the roof ridge by adding a ridge surfboard it can help to reduce heat loss – ask your sales advisor about the Livin Light which also allows a new range of lighting designs for your extension. 
  • Underfloor heating can provide cost efficient heating and can be climate controlled with touch screen heating thermostats.  
  • At Trent Valley we use glass from the Pilkington Activ™ range, the range includes reflective and insulating glass. Which type of glass we use will be dependent on the aspect of your conservatory in relation to the sun.

Keeping the room cool:

  • Heat reflective glass. There is a brand new self-cleaning glass available from Pilkington for your roof called Activ Sunshade™ which reflects 80% of the suns’ heat, keeping your room cool on hot sunny days. The double glazed unit outer pane reflects the solar heat and the inner KS pane insulates the room to stop heat escaping. 
  • Ventilation. The type of ventilation needed is specific to each conservatory, based on many considerations such as size, shape and aspect. The Ultraframe roof system we use at Trent Valley offers eavesflow ventilation and trickle ventilation in the ridge.
  • A tiled floor can also help to keep your room nice and cool on a hot summer’s day.

Added extra’s that give your new conservatory the wow factor

Add a ceiling pelmet, an insulated pelmet which transforms the inside of your conservatory into an orangery style extension. This real room feel means more styling and furnishing options and the perimeter ceiling is perfect for down lights.

Carefully chosen colours can transform the look of your new conservatory, we offer a wide range of standard & bespoke colours, ask your sales advisor for details.

Make the floor a feature with some stunning porcelain tiles. Now available in ceramic, mosaic, stone and wood effects many have matching outdoor tiles to run the floor seamlessly from a conservatory onto a patio.

Corniche guttering will hide the external guttering giving the conservatory a better cosmetic finish.

Create a beautiful panoramic effect with full width bi-folding patio doors to open up your new conservatory into the garden.

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