Make your conservatory a useable space all year round

by / Tuesday, 07 July 2015 / Published in News

Enjoying this glorious hot weather? Not enjoying your conservatory because it’s just too hot?

We can help.

By replacing your old poly-carbonated conservatory roof with a state of art Pilkington sunshade double glazing you can enjoy your conservatory on even the sunniest of days.

Design & technology improvements over recent years has developed outstanding reflective glass. There is a brand new self cleaning glass available from Pilkington for your roof called Activ Sunshade™ which reflects 80% of the suns’ heat, keeping your room cool on hot sunny days.

The double glazed unit outer pane reflects the solar heat and the inner KS pane insulates the room to stop heat escaping. This means that in the colder months you will still be able to use your conservatory without spending a fortune to heat it.

What’s more with a glass roof when there’s a rain shower your conservatory will be quieter too.

Give your conservatory a new lease of life this summer and create a relaxing space whatever the weather. Let us enhance your home with a replacement conservatory roof – all fitted in a single day.

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